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Post  Talon on Sun Sep 30, 2012 9:31 pm

Hello guys we FB and battle as a team more then ever. I feel it time to up our game play a bit. I notice we lost few battles due to one flawed move and I know it could be prevented if you had a better form of communication.

Well I found our savior, it comes in the form of a robust chat client called "C3" <-- the C3 is a link.

I want everyone to get this asap because it is no excuse in terms of you can not use it.

It has a chat client you can use right for your PC or you can call using the group access code (form any phone).

How to find our group channel in C3
1.Make your account and be sure to use your name in game. (example my ing is EX-Talon so it’s the same for my C3 User name)

2.Download and install the C3 Client.

3.Once installed click on the Channels tab go down to search by name and type “The Void EX”

4.Click on the group then join Channel. (if you can to call by phone go the step 5)

5.Use the link below that says click here and call any one of the numbers listed and use this access code “344972” You will have access form there.

Click here

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